Why Choose Us

We are an expert Rubber Mould maker backed by almost 10 year of mould manufacturing experience in Malaysia. Our factory based in Balakong area of Selangor since May 2001, the best customer service in order to get more believes and supports. We are manufacturer & exporter of Rubber products for industrial and commercial use, we produce customized rubber products base on your needs and specifications.

Escalator & Elevators Rubber Part

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide variety of escalator parts that are used in manufacturing the lifts and escalators. These are manufactured using premium quality steel sheets, aluminum sheets, brass, alloys, and rubber and copper that are procured from the reliable and established vendors.

Vibration Mounting

Vibration mountings are used to minimise the level of vibration transmitted from an oscillatory system to its surroundings. Alternatively the mounts can be used to protect fragile equipment from external vibrations. The amplitude of vibration of the oscillatory system itself does not decrease and must therefore be able to move with the vibration.

Rubber Roller for Insdustries use

Our goal is to keep our customers happy by providing quality service, affordable products, and the best rubber rolls in the industry. We use our years of experience and knowledge to ensure that our products will meet your needs every time. We believe in offering the best of everything to our customers, and we will go out of our way to make you happy. Contact us for more info!

Generator Mounting

Machine mounts are used for the elastic mounting of free-standing generators and other machinery. Machine mounts insulate the structure-borne noise generated and damp the vibrations of the generator and machine frame.